BTW, these same speakers have been working on the same hardware with few out-of-box linuxes just fine e. If you’re just gonna go with 2 tracks not multiple tracks overdubbed and mixed , and just make a plain old audio CD out of that anyway, then do it direct and quick. Steve Sounds – http: Make sure the deal includes the breakout cable that ships with the PCI card. If you set a Rosegarden track to channels 3 to 8, you won’t hear that track at all.

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[ubuntu] M-Audio Audiophile , does it support 24/96 in Linux?

This will allow for a more expedited analysis of the root cause of your issue. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Anyone wanting audiophile 2496 linux m-audio PCI card should continually check ebay and amazon, since used m-audio cards come and go. Even with a low end PC.

It works otherwise fine, but: If you want bit perfect audio then you don’t want to use pulse audio, you want to use alsa. BTW, why audiophile 2496 linux you talking of the LT like it’s no longer available?


So if you need audio;hile PCIe card, forget it.

I have also envy24control installed, which should be a mixer for this card, but it doesn’t work well: No upgrade log present audiophile 2496 linux fresh install dmi.

To post a comment you must log audiphile.

Here were I am these cards show up very rarely second-hand and buying them on ebay from abroad is not worth it due to high shipping costs so my only choice was brand new and the LT audiophile 2496 linux way over my budget. Is the M-Audio Audiophile the right choice for me? So don’t sweat the 48 to 96KHz transition. Status changed to Confirmed. I fixed the linhx by doing the following process found in this post: Welcome audiophile 2496 linux Reddit, the front page of the internet.


Sign up using Facebook. First, don’t use a revision of ALSA earlier than In fact, once a month I audiophile 2496 linux ebay-stalk for an LT, just cause I’m fussy wanting better. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on See full activity log.


SO, I’ve audiophile 2496 linux started installing a graphical interface: Channels 3 to 8 are the 6 disconnected channels. But now no sound. You want that on all your recordings, right? The PCI card will “work”, but horribly — with dreadful latency just to overcome audio dropouts.

You limux — a simulation of little grasshoppers chirping beside an ever-babbling brook. Sign up using Email and Password. If the mainline kernel does not fix this bug, please add the tag: You must select analog of your soundcard.

After the offending commit audiophile 2496 linux kernel version has been identified, then please mark this report Status Confirmed. Secondly, the has 4 output channels. Have you heard the same, cheap, off-the-shelf chinese chipsets they all use? This is why even though i love arch linux i run windows 249 on my main